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FWQA is led by an Executive Board and by committee chairs. FWQA Executive Board members and committee chairs are leaders in the field of water quality. FWQA elections are held annually. FWQA also recognizes the achievements of its members through the 5-S program.

2023-2024 Executive Board Members

  • President: Erika Janifer
  • President-Elect: Vacant
  • Vice President: Ryan Shaw
  • Secretary: Sharon Nye
  • Treasurer: Jim Wheeler
  • Federation Delegate: Greg Mallon
  • Immediate Past President: Christian Davies-Venn
  • Four additional at large members are appointed by the President to make up the full FWQA Executive Board.

  • Members-at-Large:
    • Mary Klein
    • Jack Kooyoomjian
    • Erica Janifer
    • John Tucker